A Tool To Help You Dominate Networking Events

Networking events have been around forever and are an essential part of growing your brand and building your business. I’m going to give you some tips to help you meet more people and get more business at these events, without having to be super outgoing and approach everyone in the room.

Everyone in every type of industry should be attending networking events in their niche. These events are a time for you to meet new people in the industry, learn new techniques that are helping people make more sales as well as a way to meet some great people who could help you make more money or save more money. The problem with this is that it can often be difficult for people to act outgoing and really network at these events.

I see it all the time at events that I go to. So and so walks into the event and recognizes someone that they see and goes and sits next to them. Later on in the day, they are having lunch with this same person and haven’t met any new people at the event. If this sounds like you, don’t fret. It’s how the majority of people who go to networking events interact at these events. The reason for this is because we become nervous about doing something out of the ordinary and meeting people. It’s the same type of feeling you get when you see someone of the opposite sex that you would like to talk to. Sure it’s a little different at networking events, but you get the idea.

The reason for this is actually quite simple. It’s out of our comfort zone to do things differently. It’s different and when something is different for us, we tend to not want to do it because we’re scared of how it will change our lives. We think that when we get home from this event we will be able to go back to our comfortable life and not have to worry about following up with someone or trying to remember someones name that you met at the event.

What if I don’t want to break out of my comfort zone?

This is where it actually gets fun and something that I love doing with people. I personally am outgoing and love meeting new people at networking events as well as random places, but that’s something that I’ve always done. If you aren’t like this and tend to be more introverted when it comes to meeting people, there are certain things that you can do to have people approach you.

I love taking things and flipping them on their heads and that’s what I’m going to do here as well.

So the problem lies in the fact that you don’t want to cold approach people to learn about them and ultimately find out what’s in it for me…

How about we switch that and flip it on it’s head. Instead of worrying about how to approach people, let’s find a way to have people want to approach us. I told you it wasn’t going to be hard!

Alright so how do I get people to approach me?

This is actually something that they talk about in the pick-up artist community, but it works extremely well in business too. It’s something that is called “Peacocking” in the pick-up community, yet it is simply finding a way to get people to approach you. In pick-up, you would simply wear interesting clothes or wear your hair in a way that causes someone of the opposite sex to approach you to speak about what you are wearing. Now I’m not telling you that you need to wear a neon pink t-shirt with a leather jacket and aviators to a networking event so don’t get the wrong idea here.

There are certain ways that you can do this “peacocking” at networking events that will simply get people interested in speaking to you. It was at the Extreme Business Makeovers event that I met someone who had everyone approaching him and asking him a question about something he was wearing. Howard Partridge was wearing a Video Name Tag.

So what exactly is a Video Name Tag?

In the picture to the right here, you’ll see what it is. It’s basically a name tag that can have an image on it or be playing a video!

Alright, so it’s nothing super spectacular and it’s not going to make you super uncomfortable wearing (neon pink and leather).

However it gets exactly the type of response that you want! It gets people coming over to ask you what is on your chest! The cool thing that I noticed at the event was that people didn’t ask about it initially. The first thing they seemed to ask about was just a normal introductory message and then they got into asking what the thing on his chest was.

If you are heading to a Chamber of Commerce event and show up with one of these that shows a short video about your business or causes people to remember YOU, eventually they’ll be curious to know what you actually do.

When people come over to meet you, the first thing you should do is get their name and find out what they do. The reason for this is because these networking events should be used as a way of building up your network, and you need to do worthwhile things for people in your network. By finding out about the other person first, you might be able to help them grow their business and this may end up helping you grow your business down the road. Building relationships is worth it’s weight in gold and I recommend everyone take the time to build up these relationships at networking events.

Where Can I Get A Video Name Tag?

Check out Video Name Tags Here

These are a great way to stand out at your next networking event and are in-expensive when you look at how much money the contacts that you meet at these events could bring you. It’s less than $200! What a deal for that.

I personally do not use a video name tag because I always carry balls around networking events. Yeah, I’m that kid with the juggling balls. That’s my way of “peacocking” and it works great for me. I just loved when I saw this video name tag and thought it would be a great way for some people who don’t know how to juggle to meet people and dominate networking events.





What helps you dominate networking events?

I’m curious. Leave comments below on what you do to stand out at networking events and how it’s working for you. I’d love to add more tools for people to use that will help them grow their business by attending these networking events!

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