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Profits Theme or Optimize Press?

Profits Theme vs Optimize Press What is the difference and what are the benefits to choosing one over the other? To start off with, you may not be aware of Profits Theme yet because it is reasonably new to the scene compared to OptimizePress. Profits Theme is ...

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Mind Maps To Remember Lots of Information

Mind maps are a great tool to use when trying to organize your thoughts and to conceptualize your plans. There are many reasons why these mind maps help and you can learn about more in the Mind Mapping Benefits article. In this post, I’m going to show yo...

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Tips for the New G+ user

I just came across a great post on G+ from someone by the name of Dain Binder and felt like it would be a great share for everyone who is new to G+ and learning how to use it. It’s in different parts, but full of great information. Google+ Terms and Tran...

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How To Set Up Your Google+ Shortlink

In this video I show you how you can set up a shortened link for your Google + account. An example of this is connecting with my personal account on Google plus at Chris HughesChris is an Internet Entrepreneur, Juggler, Traveler...

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How to Create More Content in Less Time

In this video I teach a simple technique that you can use today to create more content for your website while doing less work.     Hello everyone and welcome, my name is Chris Hughes from Brain Smart Success and in this video I’m going to show ...

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