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L-Theanine: a 4000 Year Old Brain Secret

For thousands of years monks have been drinking tea in order to remain in a state of “mindful alertness” during their long periods of meditation. Over the past few years I’ve been researching different ways that help improve the brain and was...

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Roger Craig Dominates Jeopardy Using Brain Power

Roger Craig is a computer scientist and he built an application that allowed him to power study his way through thousands of old Jeopardy questions. This application basically programmed his brain to remember information that would be relevant to Jeopardy and ...

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How to Build Your Online Influence as a Small Business Owner

In this video I talk about a simple way to start building your online influence. If you are a small business owner and have no idea how to get started with online marketing to grow your business. Check out the video below If you are interested in learning more...

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