How To Use Mind Maps to Write books, articles and technical documents

Watch the video below to see how you can use mind maps to write books, articles and technical documents:

Taking the time to mind map your plans is a simple way to organize your thoughts. The majority of the time when we start the brainstorming process, all sorts of ideas come out of our head. These ideas aren’t always related and our brains often throw out thoughts that sometimes seem irrelevant. The benefits of mind mapping are that we can draw out the idea or jot down a note about the new thought. It’s possible that later on in the writing process when you are putting the plan together, you will trigger your mind with one of those seemingly irrelevant thoughts.

The benefit of using mind maps is that you can organize your thoughts in an easy way. In fact, you can put your ideas anywhere that you want on the piece of paper and then later take the time to connect them. This works great for me because I tend to jump from idea to idea a lot.

You can then create another mind map to organize these different ideas and chunk like ideas together. After this, all you need to do is put a structure to your thoughts and come up with a proper sequence of events to make your book, article or document come together!


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