What is Citicoline?

I just finished reading the article on An Energy Shot for the Brain. It is all about this molecule called citicoline.

I used to be a huge gamer and would often drink energy drinks to keep me up and running all night. I know that the majority of people who I would play these games with would be doing the same thing, they’d be staying up all night drinking energy drinks like Red Bull and Bawlz.

There didn’t seem to be any connection with improving my memory when I would drink these, but I did get quite the caffeine high from them.

[ACHES]Nawgan is a new drink that states on its label “What you drink when you want to think”. The St. Louis company’s website invites consumers to track their mental performance with an online memory and focus test.

Go GungHo Inc is responsible for this new find and also is introducing gel packets that carry the slogan “Ninja like focus” which will definitely apply to college students and people interested in gaming.

What is Citicoline?

Citicoline is an organic molecule that is naturally found in the body, especially in the brain. Scientists believe that citicoline speeds up the formation of brain cell membranes and may even boost the production of neurotransmitters that are essential to brain function.

In certain countries, citicoline is actually sold as a prescription drug that is used to help regenerate a persons brain after they experience a stroke. The research from this when trying to gain Food and Drug Administration approval in the US found that citicoline was no more effective than a placebo and has pretty much put the testing to rest.

Citicoline came to the U.S market in liquid form as a “medical food” that went by the name CerAxon for use in patients that experienced stroke and traumatic brain injury. Medical foods do not require approval from the FDA, but their labels must be truthful and they can be subject to a post-market review according to the FDA. CerAxon, which is sold by Ferrer Group of Barcelona, comes in two daily doses of 1,000 mg each. At this point in time it doesn’t require a prescription, but it is intended to be used under a doctor’s direction.

Where Do I Get Citicoline?

Citicoline is now found in many dietary supplements and energy drinks that are aimed at healthy people, and is found under the brand name Cognizin. Healthy Origins brand sells 250 milligram capsules for “memory function and health cognition” and sells for $48 for 150 capsules.

If you are familiar with 5-Hour Energy drinks, these little energy shots contain citicoline in a “proprietary energy blend”, but the company doesn’t release exactly how much they use.

The next time you are browsing through energy drinks at the convenience store, start to look out for citicoline and now you can understand a little bit more about why those energy drinks sometimes seem to help you remember information better.

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