Why Does My Team Think This Way?

I came across an article today that was titled: Don’t Like All Your Employees? 

This article was all about how different brain attributes that your employees have cause your team to think differently. This is great for you as a business owner because you’ll have all types of ideas coming in from all over the spectrum, but it can also be frustrating.

It’s important to learn how to pair up people with differing views to find a creative balance.

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As a team leader, you have noticed that certain people have certain qualities about them and stick to these qualities because they are part of their core values. These are the ways that these people learn and will continue to learn.

This is the way that their brains are wired and it’s in your best interest to focus on this as one of their strengths and play to that.

The author in this article assigns a specific topic and divides groups up into pre-determined groups based on analytical, structural, social, and conceptual thinking individuals.

She places team members with others who share similar “thinking” attributes. She proceeds to hand out large pads of paper and colored markers and asks the groups to take notes, telling the teams they can go wherever they want to work, but they must return in 15 minutes.

Here is an excerpt taken from the article, Don’t Like All Your Employees?

“Generally, the structural team makes a numbered list in black ink, aligned on the page, in perfect teacher-printed handwriting. The analytical team creates a bulleted list of comments in blue ink, also printed. The social team makes a list using bright colors, possibly with illustrations and hearts. The conceptual team’s page will be covered with different colors of ink, ideas in balloons, pictures, and an attempt at some notes that will need to be explained.”

Does that sound familiar?

What Happened Here?

After doing this experiment, you will notice that the greatest difference is between the groups that think structurally and the group that thinks conceptually. This is also evident between the analytical and social teams.

Why is this?

There is a different in the way each of these people think. They learn differently and therefore think differently than others around them. As a team leader, you need to be able to recognize this and try to fill your team with a good combination of all the different types of thinkers.

Structural Brain Thinkers

Your team members who think structurally will not understand the conceptual list because it isn’t structured in a way that makes sense to them. These thinkers need to see some kind of set structure in order for their brain to kick in and comprehend what’s in front of them. If they see a mind map with pictures all over and no true structure, they will have a hard time understanding it.

Conceptual Brain Thinkers

Those individuals with conceptual brains will not like the structural list because it appears to be so dull, with no images. People who think conceptually think in pictures and need these to trigger the connections in their brains

Analytical Brain Thinkers

Those individuals who think analytically can often be viewed of as being cold and uncaring. These people are quiet by nature, yet understand exactly how and why the numbers work. You often need to get them to speak out by calling them out to answer because by their nature these individuals aren’t likely to burst into the conversation and share what they have.

Social Brain Thinkers

Social thinkers are very emotional and you might not have any idea why these people get upset until you ask them. These individuals deeply care about their customers and want the best for their customer. They want to find a way to over-deliver and provide exceptional value. The social thinkers often feel like the analytical thinkers are heartless because all their brain wants them to focus on is the numbers.

How do you make it work in the workplace?

As a team leader or co-worker, you need to understand how and why each of the people on your team work.

You need to understand the way that their brain is structured and how you can work with them to play to their strengths. Not everyone thinks alike and that is great for growing your company. If you had everyone thinking one way, you would not grow.

There is no way to think exactly like all of your employees, but you do need to recognize that the contributions they make are the reason your company is working. By learning about why people think the way they do, you have a better chance of understanding them and understanding how you can put them in a position to work at their peak.

This is just a start into understanding why people think the way that they do. If you want to learn more about this, you can check out the books The Brainsmart Leader and Grass Roots Leaders both by Tony Buzan.

You can also contact us directly for help in teaching your team leaders how to recognize and capitalize on your teams strengths in this way to increase profits.


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