Field Tested: Recruiting, Managing and Retaining Veterans Book Review

I received the book, Field Tested: Recruiting, Managing and Retaining Veterans in the mail and was asked to review it for all of my readers.

This book focuses on working with and hiring veterans. When I was first approached about reading the book I was turned off a little bit because I do not currently have an office where I employ individuals. The majority of work I do is for business owners and is mostly brain work on my part.

However, I do understand that business owners are constantly on the look-out for great employees and I felt like this book could be a good read and I could potentially educate some people about what I learned.

Well, I was extremely surprised with the content that’s within this book.

Part 1 was set up to give a broad perspective on the topic of veterans entering the civilian workplace. Part 2 was how to look at the military transition experience and part 3 was how you can impact success and retention throughout the employee lifecycle.


Real Life Scenarios

Emily does a great job with providing you with real-world examples and situations that may happen when your company starts to work with veterans.

A great point here is that the difference in culture between the military and any civilian organization makes it difficult for someone who was a career service member to succeed where a normal civilian would be thriving:

“I knew I could do a lot more than I was doing, but didn’t know how to plug in to contribute more. I got lumped in with other military folks, but we are all individuals.”

There are many real life examples throughout the book and this helped me understand the mindset of a veteran. Prior to reading this, I hadn’t considered putting myself in the shoes of a veteran because I haven’t personally experienced what they have gone through. However, after reading the book I feel that I have a better understanding of what they have gone through and what they are going through.

I’m not saying that this book makes me 100% understand exactly what a veteran has gone through, but I do believe that it is a great starting point if you are interested in hiring veterans.

Questions to ask yourself

There are various little quizzes throughout this book that get you thinking about how your company currently prepares to work with veterans and gets your mind racing about ways that you can improve your existing structure.

In Chapter 9 of the book there is a great assessment to take. It’s called the Organizational Readiness Assessment and will help better prepare you to hire military veterans. Your answers to these questions can be the basis of a business case in support of veteran programs and will help you better prepare to work with veterans.


This book also provides some great resources on places where you can find veterans and places to put up jobs that will attract veterans. This could be a huge asset to anyone who hasn’t worked with veterans yet, but is interested in hiring vets to start working at their company.

There are books like Military-to-Civilian Resumes and Letters by Carl Savino and Ronald Krannich that Emily refers to and these books will be a valuable resource in answering questions you have about how to understand resumes.

There are other books like A Civilian’s Guide to the US Military by Barbara Schading that will also help in understanding the military rank structure if you do not currently have any existing employees who can help you understand the military ranks.

Emily also shares tips on hiring as well as on-boarding Veterans. She provides excellent steps that you can take to start hiring veterans and steps to properly keep veterans in your business. \

This is in no way the end-all be all book on working with veterans, but Emily does a great job in sharing resources that will be of value to you if you are going to start working with veterans. As a business owner, you understand that there is no 1 book or resource that is the end-all, be-all solution. It is definitely a great guide to getting started and worth a read if you are going to be hiring veterans to work within your organization.

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