What is Change Blindness and Why Does it Happen?

Do you know what Change Blindness is?

Change Blindness: In visual perception, change blindness is a normal phenomenon of the brain which show in light that the brain does not have a precise representation of the world but a lacunar one, made of partial details. Despite the name, this phenomenon does not affect the eyes but the brain, and as such is bound to happen to all the human senses. This phenomenon is still in research, but results suggests that the brain estimates the importance and usefulness of information prior to deciding to store them or not. Another issue is that the brain cannot see a change happening to an element that it has not yet stored. (Source: WikiPedia )

Another video on Change Blindness:

Do You Think This Could Happen To You?

Have you ever experienced something like this?

Do you think you would notice if someone switched places with another person in a way that appeared natural?

For me, I’d love to think that I would recognize it. But, I do understand that it’s a lot more likely that I would not catch on.

If you want to see more cool brain related videos and learn more about the brain, check out the show Brain Games on National Geographic.


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