Exercise Your Brain and Feed Addiction, There’s an App for That

Exercise Your Brain and Feed Addiction, There’s an App for That 
Thank the tech gods for apps. They make life easier. They also help to pass the time. We have all been in situations where we are bored in the back row of a conference meeting, bored at a wedding, or stuck in traffic (as a passenger of course) and we reach for our phones for instant entertainment. There are hundreds of apps out there, but there is namely one that is played by millions and that truly exercises the mind while offering entertainment and, possibly, feeding an addiction.

The basic needs
It goes without saying that one needs a suitable device and a good Internet provider in order to game with others in real-time with instant response time. As for practical devices from which one can engage in gaming, there are two sides to this coin: smart phones and tablets. As for Internet, your phone’s network provider should have you covered, but often signals fade and no standard service is truly reliable. For this reason businesses and people who simply spend LOTS of time online will opt for a VPN service through a reliable company that can network all of their devices together for both home and mobile use. This service is reliable, fast and secure.

When that English degree pays off
We all played Scrabble as kids, and Words With Friends is no different. This game allows one to stand toe-to-toe with friends and family members, as well as against anonymous strangers in the system’s network of players. Then the vocabulary battle begins. Words With Friends is one of the most popular free games that people from around the world are addicted to. Not only is it entertaining, it provides many other forms of instant gratification. When you score a large, complex word or win a match you can post your achievement to Facebook or Twitter for ultimate bragging rights.

Words With Friends is also one of these games that people genuinely become addicted to. They can’t stay away from the game when they are at work, in church, or on a flight when the captain orders all devices to be shut off. In a news report published by CBS News gaming addiction is clearly presented in a case that involved ‘Thirty Rock’ famed actor Alec Baldwin being kicked off an American Airlines flight at Los Angeles International Airport for refusing to suspend his Words With Friends game. Baldwin’s PR spokesman said that Baldwin loved the game so much that he was willing to leave his flight to continue the vocabulary battle.

Your brain
People form addictions all the time, be it to fast food, alcohol or gaming. When one is addicted to a game it can be for a number of reasons. For example, games can cause one to form a stimulus addiction that requires the brain’s need for a continuous chemical release that comes from such stimulation. These games offer a sense of well being, and intense pleasure from winning can often reflect a narcissism disorder.

Play in moderation
Words With Friends is an awesome game. However, if you find that the game takes away your time from work, having a social life, or preventing you from boarding flights, you may want to lay off the game for a while and focus on allocating a certain time of the day to feed your addiction to words.

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