Yahoo’s Finishing Moments: Marissa Mayer Resigns and Yahoo Changes Name to Atbaba

Is it the end of an era for the internet? Yahoo Changes Name to Atbaba Yahoo has revealed it plans to change its name to Altaba, while beleaguered boss Marissa Mayer will leave, if the firm is bought by Verizon. The SEC filing has revealed the firm’s pla...

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How to Stop the “Java command-line tool” pop-up on macOS Sierra

If you have recently updated to MacOS Sierra and are starting to get the annoying “Java command-line tool” pop-up, then this tutorial will help you fix that.   This is what the dreaded pop-up looks like  and if you don’t want to see it ...

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How To Start A Blog or Site in 5 Minutes with WordPress

Start A WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes Start A Blog or Site in 5 Minutes If you’ve ever been wondering how to start a blog, you have most likely heard of the platform “wordpress”. It’s one of the world’s largest blogging platforms, ...

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How To Use Instagram Stories

It’s Official, Instagram Stories is a Thing! Here’s how to Use Instagram Stories Look out SnapChat! A year and half ago, Facebook reportedly offered to buy Snapchat, an upstart messaging app, for $3 billion. Snapchat’s then-23-year-old CEO, E...

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Facebook for Business: How Facebook Marketing Can Work To Grow Your Business

Do you use Facebook for Business? If you do, this blog post is going to save you significant time and money. Plus, it will get rid of that dreaded feeling of having to spend hours each week creating and analyzing every single ad campaign you create to find out...

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