9 Reasons Elite Entrepreneurs Are Using Smart Pills To Crush Work

Popularized on college campuses and in movies like “Limitless,” smart drugs are finding their way into more and more startups and are being used by founders and employees to improve efficiency, memory retention, focus and energy. Here are 9 reasons why. 1...

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7 Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

Scientists continue to find a growing list of benefits to using sensory deprivation float tanks as a means of enhancing one’s physical and mental health. By freeing yourself of as many outside sensations as possible, sensory deprivation float tanks enabl...

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Jigglit Young Entrepreneur’s Guide

Jigglit Young Entrepreneur’s Guide The Jigglit Young Entrepreneur’s Guide is a guide to help guide you in your journey of becoming an Entrepreneur. We provide practical steps and instructions on how to make money as a kid along with steps on using ...

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Train Your Brain: Games to Improve Your Brain

Train Your Brain: Games to Improve Your Brain Train Your Brain: Games to Improve Your Brain is a book that is all about different games and activities that you can do to improve your life. The brain is the most important muscle in your body and it’s extr...

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Train Your Brain: Your Food Matters

Train Your Brain: Your Food Matters “Train Your Brain: Your Food Matters” is a book about the benefits of healthy eating and juicing when it comes to your brain health. In this book, I uncover some truths about the foods you eat and why we crave fa...

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