Train Your Brain Tips

Hmm…training your brain. There are a lot of things that you can do to train your brain and I’m going to share with you some of the top ways that you can train your brain in your daily day. These are activities that I’ve started doing and am starting to notice a difference, so I am speaking from personal experience. The benefits of these activities is not only that you train your brain, but you’ll also improve your coordination and probably experience greater joy(I have).

Early Morning Brain Training

I want you to think about this morning when you first woke up. What were you thinking about? Were you upset because your alarm clock woke you up just before you got to do something awesome in your dreams? Did you wake up scared or excited about the day ahead of you? Were you worried that you’d be late for work or feel like you aren’t going to accomplish anything during the day?

Starting your day off the right way is essential to having a good day. This means that as soon as you get up you need to do something that will put you in a positive mood. Is there a certain song that just makes you feel good inside, or a video that you can watch and feel inspired? If there is, you should try to listen to that song or watch that video as soon as you get up.

The reason for doing this is that it will change your mood to a positive mood, typically within 3-5 minutes. For me, whenever I start my day off positively, the rest of the day goes positively. The people who I have spoken about doing this also experience the same thing. Music and videos seem to have an empowering feeling over us and that feeling seems to be put out into the universe and given back to us throughout the day. This isn’t new-age either, it’s simply something that I’ve found that has worked.

Brush Your Teeth, Train Your Brain

What do you do when you are brushing your teeth? My guess is that if you are right handed, you probably grab the tube of toothpaste with your left hand and your toothbrush with your right hand. You then proceed to brush your teeth with your dominant hand. If you do this, I want you to nod. If you don’t do this, you are a part of the minority and are currently improving your brain. The next time you go to brush your teeth, stop. Switch the hand that you normally brush your teeth with and brush your teeth with the opposite hand.

This will most likely feel extremely weird the first time you do it, but don’t worry, it did for me too and is natural. We’re typically un-comfortable with doing something that is outside of our routine which means we are growing. We grow when we step out of our comfort zone, so keep that in mind.

By stepping outside of your comfort zone and brushing your teeth with the opposite hand, you are actually doing something that will improve the connections that are inside of your brain. This is similar to how you use muscles while exercising and how they become stronger, the more you use these connections in your brain, the better they function together.

If you enjoy this post and want to learn more ways that you can train your brain, leave a comment below on things you do to train your brain! I love learning new ways and am interested in what other ways people like yourself train their brain.



Chris Hughes

Chris is an Internet Entrepreneur, Juggler, Traveler and loves learning. Chris is out to enjoy life while building profitable businesses that allow people to have more fun in their lives.

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Why You Need To Do Keyword Research

Prior to doing any work in your online business you are going to need to do something that’s known as keyword research. Keyword research is what will ultimately lead to whether or not your marketing efforts are profitable or end up costing your business money. If you don’t know what keyword research is, you can read about it here.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is thinking that they’ve done proper keyword research, when in fact they haven’t done proper keyword research at all. This is typically because the individual is excited about being able to write whatever their heart desires and share anything they’d like with their new blog readers. This seems all good, but in reality you won’t have any blog readers if you don’t do proper keyword research.

What Should I Blog About?

This is a common question among people doing Internet Marketing services for businesses as well as questions that business owners often ask. With the addition of the Internet to businesses marketing arsenal, they now have the opportunity to sell to a global audience instead of just a local audience. This means that you can literally sell your product to someone in California just as easily as you can sell your product to someone in Japan.

There is one thing that you’ll need to realize before writing your blog posts.

  • What people are already searching for
  • What you think people are searching for

This is a common mistake made by businesses and marketers alike.

When most people sit down to write an article for their blog or website, they begin by asking themselves the question:

What Should I Write About?

Now let’s take this approach and flip it on it’s head….

This approach might actually make you mad if you’ve been blogging for your business for a while, I know when I found out about it my approach to blogging did a complete 180.

Are you ready? I can sense you’re getting sick of the wait…so here it is…

What Do People Want To Read About?

I can feel your frustration. It’s so easy, why didn’t I think of it? Well the reason that you didn’t think of it is the same reason I hadn’t thought of it. I was more concerned with what I thought people wanted to read about. The fact of the matter is that I’m not a part of the majority which means my thoughts are completely different from what the average person is thinking. This means that although I was generating interest to my business, it was because I was attracting only people who would search for the exact thing I was thinking. This really limited the amount of people I could influence with my posts and really held my business back.

Check out this example

This is Google’s Keyword Tool which is a starting point for doing keyword research. I originally thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post about “niche keyword research” which you’ll notice only has 260 searches a month. That’s not a big market, so I had to switch it up a little and target the keyword “keyword research” which has 90,500 searches a month. Once again this is just an example to show you that what I thought people would be looking for was not nearly close to what people were actually searching for.

Now let’s put this into your businesses and how it could affect your specific business.

We’re going to need to use our imagination a little bit here and imagine that you are the owner of a dental practice in Orlando, Florida. You might think that the keyword “dentist office Orlando” would be searched at least a few hundred or thousand times a month, at least I did. However, after doing a bit of “keyword research” I actually found out that it wasn’t even searched for 100 times a month!

The keyword that was searched for is “dentist orlando” and “dentist in orlando” which would be the keywords that you would focus on if you are a dentist in Orlando, Florida. If you spent all this time building up a website and trying to get the #1 result on Google for “dentist office Orlando” you would probably be disappointed when nothing came of it. I know I would be.

Now this is just a minor introduction into how minor changes can mean dramatic results for your business. I recommend Google Keyword Tool as a starting point, but if you are serious about finding profitable keywords for your business you absolutely have to test out Market Samurai.

Market Samurai is a keyword research tool that helps you find the most profitable keywords for your business. They actually are offering a FREE trial too so that you can test it out to see how it works. I recommend watching all of the videos in the Market Samurai Dojo after you download so that you can take advantage of the whole systems full benefits.

To download your FREE trial of Market Samurai, click the banner below now.


Chris Hughes

Chris is an Internet Entrepreneur, Juggler, Traveler and loves learning. Chris is out to enjoy life while building profitable businesses that allow people to have more fun in their lives.

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How To Customize & Change Permalinks in WordPress

As a blog owner, you need to understand the importance and benefits of changing the permalinks on your blog.

Why should you change your permalinks?

They seem perfect, they’re already done and I’m kind of lazy, right? Right. Then we’re in the same boat here, I’m lazy as well when it comes to things that are already done. However, I realize the importance of changing the permalinks on all of the blogs that I manage.

The reason you’ll want to change this is because it will appear more visually appealing to see the post-title in the URL, rather than something like /?p=51

In WordPress 2.5, you’ll find this page under Settings -> Permalinks.

The default permalink is ?p=, but I prefer to use either /post-name/ or /category/post-name/. For the first option, you change the “custom” setting into /%postname%/:

Chris Hughes

Chris is an Internet Entrepreneur, Juggler, Traveler and loves learning. Chris is out to enjoy life while building profitable businesses that allow people to have more fun in their lives.

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