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9 Reasons Elite Entrepreneurs Are Using Smart Pills To Crush Work

Popularized on college campuses and in movies like “Limitless,” smart drugs are finding their way into more and more startups and are being used by founders and employees to improve efficiency, memory retention, focus and energy. Here are 9 reasons why.

1. The real life “Limitless”? Sort of.


While NZT 48, the pill that transforms Bradley Cooper’s character’s life in the film “Limitless,” is itself a creation of fiction, the world of neuropharmacology has spent the last 50 years searching for brain supplements and cognitive enhancers that may give you similar benefits. These real-life “Limitless” drugs are called nootropics and they are used by a small but devoted class of individuals committed to building better brains. There are many out there, but the most popular one is called Evo Brain Boost.

2. Feel better, be a better leader.


Study drugs, aka nootropics, help boost your two “feel good” neurotransmitters: serotonin and dopamine. This makes you more pleasant to be around and helps you deal with stress, and in turn, be a better leader. These neurotransmitters are increased by nootropic intake, specifically with bacopa monnieri and vitamin B12, which are both in Evo Brain Boost, the preferred nootropic of startup entrepreneurs.

3. Developed by Harvard students to crush exams with no side effects.

Evo Brain Boost, one of the most popular nootropic formulations out there, was originally developed by Harvard students looking to gain an academic edge but not interested in the risks associated with prescription products. They built a safe and effective formula and recently released it publicly.

4. Get razor focus and concentration to knock out complicated tasks.

Evo Brain Boost will help to put all of your cognitive capacity into the task at hand. It is kind of like an artificial “flow” state where you can block almost all distractions out of your mind and pay attention to your business. These are important for days when you are sleep-deprived or on a deadline, which can seem to be every day.

5. Stress is just a chemical — destroy it.


Stress is without a doubt one of the horrible parts of running your own company, and it makes you irritable and leaves you often making poor decisions. If there’s one chemical condition that can be blamed for making life bad, it’s cortisol. Evo Brain Boost’s Bacopa Monnieri and vitamin B3 work to regulate cortisol and protect your brain from oxidative stress with potent antioxidants that can minimize your perception of stress.

6. No amphetamine-related health risks.

Many popular pharmaceuticals like Ritalin or Adderall contain or metabolize into addictive amphetamines. Tolerance increases rapidly, meaning that you will have to constantly increase dosage to maintain the desired effect. Overdose can lead to psychosis, hypertension and chest pain. Evo Brain Boost and other over-the-counter nootropics do not pose this risk.

7. Increase blood flow to the brain — improve mental dexterity.

As an entrepreneur, you are constantly thinking about a million different things, which causes your brain to get fatigued. Your brain completely relies upon a constant source of blood and oxygen to operate at its fullest capacity. The nootropic vinpocetine found in Evo Brain Boost causes vasodilation, which is the widening of the main arteries that deliver blood, oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

8. Cheaper than the cost of your daily coffee habit.

Many productivity rockstars are highly dependent upon the dark nectar of wired-up bitterness. While coffee is a great source of antioxidants, it likely contains mold and mycotoxins which are bad for your brain. The cost in time and money of a daily coffee habit (ESPECIALLY if you frequent coffee shops) is almost 3x as much as a month’s worth of Evo Brain Boost.

9. You can try it for free.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.22.36 PM

Any product worth a lick will let you test it out and see if you enjoy it. Trusted as the best nootropic formulation, Evo Brain Boost offers a free trial and a 100% money back guarantee; if you don’t get impressive gains in mind power, you get your money back. You can get your free trial at

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Chris is an Internet Entrepreneur, Juggler, Traveler and loves learning. Chris is out to enjoy life while building profitable businesses that allow people to have more fun in their lives.

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7 Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

Scientists continue to find a growing list of benefits to using sensory deprivation float tanks as a means of enhancing one’s physical and mental health.

By freeing yourself of as many outside sensations as possible, sensory deprivation float tanks enable your mind and body to focus on achieving healthy states that are difficult to obtain in a normal environment.

This is similar to a sensory deprivation tank that I’ve floated in at Souler Float in Melbourne, Florida




sensory deprivation tank


So what are the benefits of sensory deprivation?

Here are just seven of the many benefits of sensory deprivation tanks:


Freed of the stimuli that produce stress, an enhanced state of relaxation is the most commonly experienced benefit of sensory deprivation.

The world around us, even the most mundane sounds and sights, can produce chronic levels of stress that we are barely aware of. It is only in the ultra-peaceful environment of sensory deprivation that many experience for the first time what truly rejuvenating relaxation feels like. 

Deep Meditation

It is well known that meditating is a wonderful way to refresh and rejuvenate your mind. However, it can be difficult to reach the most advanced states of meditation, due to the constant stimuli we receive from the world around us.

Even in the most quiet and isolated room, there still exists natural distractions that hold us back from exploring the deepest meditative states. Through the use of a sensory deprivation tank, those distracting barriers can be removed. 

Soothing Chronic Muscle Pain

A lot of the muscle pain many of us experience and attribute to simple aging is actually a result of stress.

Everyday stress has a tendency to build up in our muscles and result in chronic muscle pain that appears to have no precise cause. Once you melt away all that stress in a sensory deprivation tank, you may find that pain that you once thought was just an unavoidable part of aging has wonderfully vanished. 

Increased Athletic Performance

Athletic ability has many origins, but primary among them is a mind at peace in a well rested body. The use of a sensory deprivation tank can put you in just the right mental and physical state to maximize your athletic ability.

With a clear mind and more relaxed body, your reflexes and ability to make judgements in a competitive environment will be enhanced. This will enable you to make the most of the practice and effort you put into performing well, whatever your sport of choice. 

Sense of Well Being

It almost goes without saying that if your body and mind are relaxed and stress-free, then your general sense of life will be improved. Rested and relaxed people are in the best position to get the most out of life. They have the focus to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. These benefits are bound to make you feel better about yourself and the world around you. 


A lot of what we call “forgetfulness” is actually just being too tense and distracted to focus clearly on the past. Once those stresses and distractions have been removed by sensory deprivation, only then you will finally be free to delve deeply into those topics from the past and recall them with full vividness. 

Fighting Alzheimer’s

While the causes of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are not fully understood, one thing that is known is that the onset of Alzheimer’s can be delayed, slowed or even prevented by enhanced mental activity.

That extra activity is exactly what occurs when our minds are freed by a sensory deprivation tank to go in directions not possible in everyday environments. For those who wish to minimize their risk of developing dementia, sensory deprivation experiences are a valuable tool of defense. 

These are just the seven major benefits of sensory deprivation which most everyone experiences. There are also more subtle and personal benefits which people have reported experiencing. To find out more about how sensory deprivation experiences can enhance your life, go online to locate a facility near you.

For More Information on Sensory Deprivation and Floating

the book of floating The Deep Self


Chris Hughes

Chris is an Internet Entrepreneur, Juggler, Traveler and loves learning. Chris is out to enjoy life while building profitable businesses that allow people to have more fun in their lives.

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Train Your Brain: Games to Improve Your Brain

Train Your Brain: Games to Improve Your Brain

Train Your Brain: Games to Improve Your Brain is a book that is all about different games and activities that you can do to improve your life.

The brain is the most important muscle in your body and it’s extremely important for you to spend time on building the strength of this muscle. By doing these brain games, you are challenging your brain and improving the connections inside of your brain.

If you truly want to experience some growth in your intelligence, it’s important that you spend time actively trying to improve it.


Click here to order Train Your Brain: Games to Improve Your Brain

Chris Hughes

Chris is an Internet Entrepreneur, Juggler, Traveler and loves learning. Chris is out to enjoy life while building profitable businesses that allow people to have more fun in their lives.

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Exercise Your Brain and Feed Addiction, There’s an App for That

Exercise Your Brain and Feed Addiction, There’s an App for That 
Thank the tech gods for apps. They make life easier. They also help to pass the time. We have all been in situations where we are bored in the back row of a conference meeting, bored at a wedding, or stuck in traffic (as a passenger of course) and we reach for our phones for instant entertainment. There are hundreds of apps out there, but there is namely one that is played by millions and that truly exercises the mind while offering entertainment and, possibly, feeding an addiction.

The basic needs
It goes without saying that one needs a suitable device and a good Internet provider in order to game with others in real-time with instant response time. As for practical devices from which one can engage in gaming, there are two sides to this coin: smart phones and tablets. As for Internet, your phone’s network provider should have you covered, but often signals fade and no standard service is truly reliable. For this reason businesses and people who simply spend LOTS of time online will opt for a VPN service through a reliable company that can network all of their devices together for both home and mobile use. This service is reliable, fast and secure.

When that English degree pays off
We all played Scrabble as kids, and Words With Friends is no different. This game allows one to stand toe-to-toe with friends and family members, as well as against anonymous strangers in the system’s network of players. Then the vocabulary battle begins. Words With Friends is one of the most popular free games that people from around the world are addicted to. Not only is it entertaining, it provides many other forms of instant gratification. When you score a large, complex word or win a match you can post your achievement to Facebook or Twitter for ultimate bragging rights.

Words With Friends is also one of these games that people genuinely become addicted to. They can’t stay away from the game when they are at work, in church, or on a flight when the captain orders all devices to be shut off. In a news report published by CBS News gaming addiction is clearly presented in a case that involved ‘Thirty Rock’ famed actor Alec Baldwin being kicked off an American Airlines flight at Los Angeles International Airport for refusing to suspend his Words With Friends game. Baldwin’s PR spokesman said that Baldwin loved the game so much that he was willing to leave his flight to continue the vocabulary battle.

Your brain
People form addictions all the time, be it to fast food, alcohol or gaming. When one is addicted to a game it can be for a number of reasons. For example, games can cause one to form a stimulus addiction that requires the brain’s need for a continuous chemical release that comes from such stimulation. These games offer a sense of well being, and intense pleasure from winning can often reflect a narcissism disorder.

Play in moderation
Words With Friends is an awesome game. However, if you find that the game takes away your time from work, having a social life, or preventing you from boarding flights, you may want to lay off the game for a while and focus on allocating a certain time of the day to feed your addiction to words.

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Chris Hughes

Chris is an Internet Entrepreneur, Juggler, Traveler and loves learning. Chris is out to enjoy life while building profitable businesses that allow people to have more fun in their lives.

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What happens to your brain if you keep taking drugs?

Just as we turn down the volume on a radio that is too loud, the brain adjusts to the overwhelming surges in dopamine (and other neurotransmitters) by producing less dopamine or by reducing the number of receptors that can receive signals.

As a result, dopamine’s impact on the reward circuit of a drug abuser’s brain can become abnormally low, and the ability to experience any pleasure is reduced. This is why the abuser eventually feels flat, lifeless, and depressed, and is unable to enjoy things that previously brought them pleasure. Now, they need to take drugs just to try and bring their dopamine function back up to normal. And, they must take larger amounts of the drug than they first did to create the dopamine high – an effect known as tolerance.


Decreased Dopamine Transporters in a Methamphetamine Abuser

brain scan

Methamphetamine abusers have significant reductions in dopamine transporters.
Source: Am J Psychiatry 158:377–382, 2001.


We know that the same sort of mechanisms involved in the development of tolerance can eventually lead to profound changes in neurons and brain circuits, with the potential to severely compromise the long-term health of the brain. For example, glutamate is another neurotransmitter that influences the reward circuit and the ability to learn.

When the optimal concentration of glutamate is altered by drug abuse, the brain attempts to compensate for this change, which can cause impairment in cognitive function. Similarly, long-term drug abuse can trigger adaptations in habit or no conscious memory systems. Conditioning is one example of this type of learning, whereby environmental cues become associated with the drug experience and can trigger uncontrollable cravings if the individual is later exposed to these cues, even without the drug itself being available. This learned “reflex” is extremely robust and can emerge even after many years of abstinence

Chronic exposure to drugs of abuse disrupts the way critical brain structures interact to control and inhibit behaviours related to drug abuse. Just as continued abuse may lead to tolerance or the need for higher drug dosages to produce an effect, it may also lead to addiction, which can drive an abuser to seek out and take drugs compulsively. Drug addiction erodes a person’s self-control and ability to make sound decisions, while sending intense impulses to take drugs.