What is The Reptilian Brain?

In the deep of the human brain there exists a very ancient layer called the Reptilian Brain (Reptilian complex), which controls the most instinctive behavior of the human being. This Video explains his nature, his origin and the devastating repercussions in th...

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How to Unfriend Someone on LinkedIn

How to unfriend someone on LinkedIn 1) Log into LinkedIn.com 2) Go to the top and hover over “Contacts” and click on “Connections” 3) On the top right corner of the screen click on “Remove Connections” 4) Find the personR...

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The Secret of Perceived Value

I’ve got a question for you. Do you make judgments when you initially start watching online videos? After watching this video, it’s my guess that you do make judgments about the person who is in videos you are watching. You may do this consciously ...

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The Social Media Trap: How to Avoid It

In this video, I speak about the Social Media Trap and how it is killing your productivity. I also give you tips on how you can avoid the trap and the simplest technique I’ve found to getting more work done. Social Media is a huge factor in today’s...

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How to Build Your Online Influence as a Small Business Owner

In this video I talk about a simple way to start building your online influence. If you are a small business owner and have no idea how to get started with online marketing to grow your business. Check out the video below If you are interested in learning more...

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