The 4 Quadrants of Time Management

Dr. Stephen Covey explains in his writing that all of our time is spent in one of four quadrants, things that are: I. Important and urgent II. Important but not urgent III. Not important but urgent IV. Not important and not urgent Quadrant I items are easy Thi...

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Why Does My Team Think This Way?

I came across an article today that was titled: Don’t Like All Your Employees?  This article was all about how different brain attributes that your employees have cause your team to think differently. This is great for you as a business owner because y...

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How To Use Mind Maps to Write books, articles and technical documents

Watch the video below to see how you can use mind maps to write books, articles and technical documents: Taking the time to mind map your plans is a simple way to organize your thoughts. The majority of the time when we start the brainstorming process, all sor...

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The Social Media Trap: How to Avoid It

In this video, I speak about the Social Media Trap and how it is killing your productivity. I also give you tips on how you can avoid the trap and the simplest technique I’ve found to getting more work done. Social Media is a huge factor in today’s...

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Do WhiteBoards Limit Your Creativity? Introducing IdeaPaint

If you are an Entrepreneur or a Business Owner and you tend to get creative ideas and want to run with these ideas, you probably don’t always paint within the lines or believe in being restricted. I have been really impressed with what the guys at IdeaPa...

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