7 Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

Scientists continue to find a growing list of benefits to using sensory deprivation float tanks as a means of enhancing one’s physical and mental health. By freeing yourself of as many outside sensations as possible, sensory deprivation float tanks enabl...

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Train Your Brain: Your Food Matters

Train Your Brain: Your Food Matters “Train Your Brain: Your Food Matters” is a book about the benefits of healthy eating and juicing when it comes to your brain health. In this book, I uncover some truths about the foods you eat and why we crave fa...

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Train Your Brain: Speed Reading Secrets

“Train Your Brain: Speed Reading Secrets” is all about speed reading and ways to increase your reading speed and comprehension. Tips, tricks and activities to help you improve the amount of words per minute you read and the amount you remember. You...

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Brain Training for Kids

Brain Training for Kids This short little article talks a little bit about how kids can use the games from Lumosity to grow their brains and train themselves to learn better. Children can learn and re-shape their brains faster than anyone else. Not surprisingl...

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