Why Does My Team Think This Way?

I came across an article today that was titled: Don’t Like All Your Employees?  This article was all about how different brain attributes that your employees have cause your team to think differently. This is great for you as a business owner because y...

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How To Use Mind Maps to Write books, articles and technical documents

Watch the video below to see how you can use mind maps to write books, articles and technical documents: Taking the time to mind map your plans is a simple way to organize your thoughts. The majority of the time when we start the brainstorming process, all sor...

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Experiences Working with Tony Buzan

My dad just found this picture of me (Chris) when I was a lot younger and when I first learned about Mind Mapping and started to understand the potential that the human brain has. Below is a picture of me with the inventor of the mind map, Tony Buzan. Chris Hu...

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Mind Maps To Remember Lots of Information

Mind maps are a great tool to use when trying to organize your thoughts and to conceptualize your plans. There are many reasons why these mind maps help and you can learn about more in the Mind Mapping Benefits article. In this post, I’m going to show yo...

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