How to Connect With Your Customers on Social Media

A common question that people have when they are learning about implementing social media into their business is: How do I find where my customers are? Image: photostock / This is a great question and there is really only one way to find ...

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What is The Reptilian Brain?

In the deep of the human brain there exists a very ancient layer called the Reptilian Brain (Reptilian complex), which controls the most instinctive behavior of the human being. This Video explains his nature, his origin and the devastating repercussions in th...

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Why People Will Remember Nicki Minaj’s Grammy 2012 Performance

All day today I’ve been hearing people talk about Nicki Minaj and what she did on the Grammy’s. I personally didn’t watch the Grammy’s, but I understand the impact that it has on people. Huffington Post wrote an article titled, Nicki M...

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Field Tested: Recruiting, Managing and Retaining Veterans Book Review

I received the book, Field Tested: Recruiting, Managing and Retaining Veterans in the mail and was asked to review it for all of my readers. This book focuses on working with and hiring veterans. When I was first approached about reading the book I was turned ...

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A Recipe for Becoming a Successful Chef

Culinary school is the first step in landing a great job as an executive chef in a five star restaurant. It is important that you begin to do your best from the time you start until you finish. Your instructors will notice your work ethic and it will affect th...

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