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Chris’ SEO Book

SEO for Small Business Owners:
A Beginner’s Guide


small business owners seo

“SEO for Small Business Owners: A Beginner’s Guide” is the perfect introductory course for small business owners that are looking to grow their online web presence.

This book is the first step small business owners should take before hiring a team to handle SEO so that they understand what proper SEO is all about and how it can help their business.

Inside you will learn everything from on-page optimization to the benefits of building an active social media following.

This is not an end-all be all book for online marketing, but simply a beginners guide to understanding the core fundamentals.

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The Mind Map Book

“The Mind Map Book:
How to Use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain’s
Untapped Potential”

Mind Map BookThe potential of the human brain is phenomenal, and Tony Buzan has been a pioneer in researching that potential and helping people learn how to make the most of their brainpower.

The Mind Map Bookis his most important and comprehensive book on the subject. It offers exciting new ways of using and improving memory, concentration, and creativity in planning and structuring thought on all levels, in order to accelerate the ability to learn, remember, and record information.


  • Mirror and magnify your brain’s pattern of perception and association in the way you learn, think, and create
  • Quickly master the right way to take notes, organize a speech, a writing assignment, a report
  • Join with others to pool thinking productively, memorize a mammoth amount of data, free your ideas to grow and expand constantly in depth and dimension.

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Learn More, Study Less

“Learn More, Study Less”

Learn More, Study Less course review


-You could get better grades, with less studying than you are doing now.

-Smart people aren’t just gifted – they have a different learning strategy (that you can copy).

-Most people have no idea how they learn things. As a result, they can’t train themselves to be smart.
These things may seem unbelievable. However, using the tactics in Learn More, Study Less, Scott has::


  • Aced university finals with little or no studying.
  • Scored first in an advanced inter-province chemistry exam. Without even being aware I needed to take the test until five minutes before writing it.
  • Read over 70 books in a year.
  • Scored in the top three percentile for a national exam. Despite never having taken the course being tested.

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How to Build a WordPress Blog by Chris

How to Build a Blog on WordPress

build a blog on wordpressThis course will teach you everything that you need to know to build a successful WordPress blog.

You’ll learn everything from finding themes to installing these themes and customizing everything.

If you’ve always wanted to start your own blog, this is the course for you.

  • Learn how to install WordPress
  • How to setup plugins
  • Installing plug-ins
  • Plus a whole lot more..