Social Media Consulting

Our Social Media Consulting Services are fulfilled by Chris. Chris has over 3 years experience in being a social media consultant and has been actively involved on social media sites for over 10 years. He grew up on these social networks, understands how younger generations use this media and how to effectively market on these social networks.

His areas of expertise are YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. He believes that these are the three main networks that every business needs to have an active presence on. Every business needs to have a presence on these networks because whether you like it or not, people are on these networks talking about you and your business. It’s part of our human nature to rant and rave about things we like as well as things we hate and the Internet and Social Media has made it easier than ever to share our feelings about everything.

Are you curious about how to market your business on Facebook without coming off as a spammer or appearing to be a jerk? How about on Twitter, what are you even supposed to do on that network, it seems like just a bunch of people writing meaningless messages doesn’t it? The truth is that Twitter can be one of the most important marketing tools of this decade but if you don’t learn how to use it you will never realize it’s true potential. YouTube is also one of the most powerful marketing tools ever developed. With the changes taking place in everyone’s daily life, people are starting to watch more videos, tv and movies vs reading a book about a subject. If you are able to provide relevant information that is not only educational, but entertaining, you will find a huge market for your business.

If you feel like you want to get involved in social media but are scared because you don’t understand it, our Social Media Consulting services will help you become comfortable with marketing your business on these networks. We do have to warn you that these networks change monthly and will continue to evolve forever. This is great for Chris because he loves learning how to best utilize the changes and loves the challenge it presents. Chris does the research and provides you with the brain smart way to market your business on these different networks.

Now if you can’t wait to get started and want to learn how you can grow your business and even learn how you can handle a majority of your customer service, our Social Media Consulting services might be perfect for you.

Please send an email to with the subject “Social Media Consulting” in order to learn more about our services.