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5 Natural Ways to Fall Asleep

One of the most frustrating things in your daily routine is the inability to fall asleep easily. If you are a toss and turn-er you know exactly the frustrating feeling you get when preparing for bed. Here are 5 ways to naturally fall asleep without trying expensive medicines and time consuming tricks:

Do not exercise before bed: Avoid doing any exercise to close to bedtime. Exercising increases your blood flow and increases your heart rate and body reacts by having more energy. Try to keep your exercising at least 4 hours before you bed time to prevent difficulty in falling asleep. In fact it is said that doing at least 20 minutes of stretching before bed time can be helpful in relaxing your body and preparing it for sleep.

Avoid eating and drinking right before bed: Typically your body takes a bit to digest any food and if you are a late dinner eater, your body may be too busy trying to digest your food than trying to fall asleep. Stop eating 3 to 4 hours before bedtime. This goes with saying drinking alcohol or any liquids that contain caffeine does not aid you sleeping habits and can lead to a restless night.

No television before bed: Watching television while in bed can be very distracting when it comes to your body trying to fall asleep. The noises and lights can cause your brain to over think when you need it to relax. So next time leave the television watching in the living room before getting into bed. Try reading a book in bed before falling asleep.

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Room temperature: Our bodies sleep best when the room is at a cooler temperature. A good temperature to set the thermostat at is 65 to 72 degrees. When your body temperature drops it helps your body slip more easily into sleep. Anything, too warm can be uncomfortable and cause you to move around making it harder to fall asleep.

Use noise machines: There are plenty of noise machines and apps for your smartphones that offer sleep aids. A soft calming noise like a rainstorm, ocean waves or ‘white noise’ can help you tune out all distractions and lull you to sleep. Most of these machines and apps come with a timer so that you are able to set up it as long as you need.

Whenever it comes to your health you must always consult your doctor for opinion and help. These tricks are all about how you prepare for bed; avoid distractions and the environment you sleep in. Try these out and sweet dreams!


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